2 Best Ways To Promote Your Videos

For any content you create, you cannot shy away from promoting it to the world. For, unless others see it, there is no way to know if the content is of real value to them.

Marketing of web content is as important for texts and images as it is for web videos. From marketing point of view, I favor videos more for the simple reason that viewers’ commitment is more for videos than texts and images.

This is because while texts and images are available for evaluation at once, the video is not. The scenes in a video become viewable in a sequence, spanning over a length of time. This means if the opening spell of a video impresses a viewer, he or she is likely to watch it for the full length in anticipation of getting more value from it.

If you have a product or service to sell on the web and haven’t yet started online video marketing, you need to start without delay. Because, all things being similar, videos are said to convert more compared to texts or images. Fortunately, making web video is not difficult, and you can easily make a start by creating video from static images.

With that in perspective, let us look at 2 top ways to promote videos. I’ll be talking about YouTube and Facebook here. Both have a strong global presence even though in many countries video viewing in Facebook is way below YouTube’s.


Using YouTube

To start video marketing is not difficult. Once you have made some 3 to 4 videos, just open an account in YouTube and upload them there. It makes sense to upload your videos to YouTube if you are serious about letting people know about your videos.

There are many advantages of using YouTube for your videos. Here is a brief list of why that is so.

You can upload videos in many formats including WMV, AVI, and MOV which is smaller than 2GB in size and less than 15 minutes in length.


If you have a website where you want your video to come, just get hold of the embed code from YouTube and put it in your webpage. If other YouTube users like your video, they too can embed your video in their websites thereby popularizing your video.


You incur no cost for hosting the videos and no cost for bandwidth when any visitor plays your video on your website or on YouTube. This is a boon for small website owner especially if the videos are too big in size, and also in cases when the website owner does not have the play/pause/stop controls to play the videos in his website. For the record, there are quite a few video sharing sites other than YouTube where you can get pretty much the same service as you get in YouTube.


The biggest attraction of YouTube is of course the mammoth traffic that comes to the site. To take advantage of that traffic you need to optimize your videos in YouTube. The bottomline though is simply that there is no better place for marketing your video than YouTube.



Using Facebook

Let’s take a look at the following figures of April 2011 taken from the comScore’s press release on video rankings in the US.

comScore's US video ranking report for April 2011

It is evident that Facebook has a long way to catch up with YouTube, hovering at less than a third of the latter’s total unique viewers and less than a tenth of the viewing sessions for April 2011.

Yet Facebook is important. Its relevance is more than the Yahoo sites and Vevo since Facebook is a global brand and has a large loyal following across virtually all the age groups.

So, how do you go about promoting your video in Facebook?

Facebook allows uploading videos like images to your page. The video can be uploaded directly from a video camera or from the computer hard disk, and it has to be less than 20 minutes long and 1,024 MB in size (see the following image). Facebook requires your videos to have you or your friend in them.

Uploading video to Facebook

If your video is about your business, then it is a good idea to start a business page instead of a personal page. Here are some advantages when you have a business page and you also use videos for marketing:

A business page on Facebook is fully ‘open’ to all your visitors. Viewers – even those without a Facebook account – can see all of your photos, videos, wall posts, info, etc. It is therefore like a mini website with all your business details plus the provision for the visitors to leave comments and also their videos if you so choose.


Whenever you upload a video to Facebook, an announcement is immediately posted on the wall. At the same time, your video gets listed in at least 2 separate video pages. In one page, only the video thumbnails are shown with no description (see image below). When a thumbnail is clicked a separate page for that video opens that has the details of the video like the title, description, any links, etc. plus the video itself.

Facebook page showing video thumbnails

The second video page is more elaborate. It not only shows bigger thumbnails of the videos but also their details like the title, description, links if any, etc. Refer the following image. So here, the visitors have clear idea about the videos and therefore can choose to watch only those that matter to her. When she clicks the video title or the thumbnail, the same video display page opens up as explained at sl.2.

Video details being shown in Facebook page

The second video page is very useful. It is almost like the YouTube channel. If you have a twitter account, you can tweet the page URL each time you upload a video. When a visitor comes after seeing the tweet, she will get to watch the just-tweeted video located at the top. She will also see all the other videos in your Facebook page arranged below serially.


This can be a good marketing ploy to get your visitor interested in your business by allowing her to watch all your uploaded videos. If you get good response you may consider promoting this video page by inserting ads in Facebook. So you see, there can be endless possibilities as you sit down to think about it.



As always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, test the different ways to promote your videos and your business. It may be something unique that works for you. But you never know that unless you keep on trying.

P.S. You may watch the above video on YouTube.