6 Steps to Starting an Online Course

This is a guest article contributed by Holly Kearny. She manages the site Teaching Degree Online. Her site helps students find the right college to get a teaching degree.

Step-By-Step Guide To Start E-Learning Website In WordPress With Free ToolsOnline classes are all the rage now, and taking one can be easier than ever. However, it is a little more complex than clicking on one you like and just taking it. Below, we have gathered just a few steps to starting an online course.


Make sure it’s what you want
– Although online courses can be taken for fun or personal enrichment, they are often taken as part of a degree program. Be sure that the course(s) you are taking will ultimately count towards your degree. If unsure, contact the academic advising department of the school you are taking it from to get answers to your questions.


Rate it
– This step can be done before taking a class or after to let everyone know about it. There are sites like Students Review where students themselves stop by to post about colleges, courses, and professors, even online ones. Stop by yourself to get the sort of Yelp for the college world.


Get accepted
– Although online schools don’t have acceptance policies that are as strict as universities, there are still standards. Make sure you are accepted by the school offering the course before signing up for classes or sending them any money.


– This often includes filling out standard forms for whatever school you are taking the course from. This can include name, address, contact information, and more.


– Unless this is a free or open course, chances are there are going to be charges. Know what the schools policy is for cost, payments, financial aid options, etc. before taking the plunge.


– Just because your professor or fellow students can’t see you doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Online classes should have the options to ask questions, bring up points, and make the most of your learning experience, so don’t forget to do so.