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We are pleased to offer lucrative ad spots for placing commercial ads in the blog posts and pages at 2WebVideo.Com. In the following sections we give you all the information you may need to consider placing your ad with in this site.

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Traffic Source & Stats    [^top]

Here is a brief summary of web traffic to 2WebVideo.Com.

  • 2WebVideo.Com is a highly focused website, concerned mainly with different aspects of web video and audio, and also about web designing.
  • Among the pages visited by viewers, those that deal with web video and audio see maximum traffic, like embedding flash video in webpage, embedding audio in PowerPoint, embedding audio player in any website, etc. Pages on web design like creating product catalog with jQuery, customizing Google Docs form, etc. also see lots of traffic.
  • More than a third of all traffic comes from the US (37%), followed by India, UK, and other countries.
  • 81.18% traffic comes from search engines with Google being the main source (79.25%).
  • In a recent 30-day period, 2WebVideo.Com had 30463 visits for a total of 63790 pageviews, 2.09 pages per visit, and a reasonably low 40.86% bounce rate.
  • One minute has been the average time spent in the site, and there have been 91.11% new visits.
    Click the following image for enlarged view.

Advantages of Placing Ads    [^top]

Advantages for placing ads at 2WebVideo.Com are briefed below for ready reference. This is based on the highly targeted nature of this website and the above traffic stats.

  • All the ad spots being offered now appear above the fold. This means the ads will be visible without the viewer scrolling down the page.
  • Since there is no rotating ad for any spot, therefore all the ads are visible all the time, which in this case is 63790 times in a month.
  • The bounce rate is reasonably low at 40.86%. So even after eliminating these pages, still the total times each ad will be viewed remain at a robust 38274 times a month.
  • Considering that our charges are only $20 & $35 (details below) per ad spot per month, the cost of ad per pageview comes to less than a tenth of a cent – about $0.0005 / $0.0009.
  • Considering that 37% of traffic or about 23600 pageviews are from the US, the cost of ad per pageview of US traffic comes to $0.0008 / $0.0015.

Details of Ad Spots & Rates    [^top]

There are 10 ad spots available presently as per following details. Please note that all the ad spots are located above the fold. Click the image above for better understanding.

  • Position 1 – 6
    • The ads will be 120×50 pixels in size.
    • Only static, grey-scale images are accepted for ads.
    • Each ad spot will cost $20 per month.
    • The ads are shown on all blog posts, but NOT on pages.
  • Position 7 – 10
    • The ads will be 125×125 pixels in size.
    • Colored animated ads are accepted for ads.
    • Each ad spot will cost $35 per month.
    • The ads are shown on all blog posts and pages.

Common Stipulations for Placing Ads    [^top]

  • Ads should preferably be related to web video/audio, web design, blogging, membership products, and suchlike.
  • Advertisers can book for a minimum of 3 months, and NOT more than 6 months.
  • We reserve the rights to change the ad rates. However, once an ad is booked, there will be NO change in the ad rate within the 3-month contract period.
  • All payments for ad bookings are to be made in full, and in advance.
  • Payment is accepted through our PayPal account.
  • New ads start from 1st or 15th of a month.
  • The ads end on the last day of a month or on 14th of a month as the case may be.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the advertisers regarding the type and quality of the destinations the ads lead to when clicked on.