Easily Create Amazing Clip Art Animation Video With PowerPoint

PowerPoint is both loved and hated. Loved…because it is easy to use. Hated, because as put by a long-time user..

One of the reasons PowerPoint is viewed so negatively is that the popularity of PowerPoint has exploded while the theory behind its use has not. People have been giving presentations with visual aids for millennia. But for some reason, when designing something in PowerPoint, most people forget what makes an effective presentation – engaging, interactive, high-energy speaking.

Not surprisingly, the US Army found PowerPoint as an enemy since…Like an insurgency, it (PowerPoint) has crept into the daily lives of military commanders and reached the level of near obsession.

PowerPoint’s Uncommon Uses

Against this backdrop the cool thing about PowerPoint is that it can be and indeed is used increasingly for myriad purposes other than making presentations.

I often use PowerPoint for editing images, but my effort pales in the face of what Jeremiah Lee can do by creating fantastic artworks in PowerPoint.

Yet Jeremiah is not alone. There are other great examples like PowerPoint resume, infographics, Twitter background, and of course videos from PowerPoint which is my favorite.