Convert PowerPoint Presentation Into A Lively Web Video

Let’s admit it. PowerPoint presentations are boring. Try as hard as you want, but if you are not a good speaker or have not prepared the presentation in complete sync with what you speak, you will fail to put the audience on the edge of the seats.

Experts feel strongly that animations are better avoided in PowerPoint presentation because they distract the attention of the listeners. Slides must be on a clean background, without clutter, with uniform font-size, without any dramatic visuals.

The onus is therefore squarely on the speaker who has to make the presentation lively, so that the audience find it interesting.

Consider now that you convert the PowerPoint presentation to web video. In one stroke you are able to do away with all the restrictions that traditional presentations suffer from, and make your video enjoyable to watch.

The video below shows 9 types of PowerPoint presentation turned web video:




Advantages Of PowerPoint Video

So, what are the big advantages of PowerPoint presentation turned web video? As a web video maker I find the following points noteworthy:

  • Record your voice separately along with demo PowerPoint presentation. This enables you to make the audio narration and the visuals in perfect synchronization. You no longer have to ponder what to say in the middle of live presentation.

  • If you feel your voice lacks the necessary quality for the audio recording, you can hire professional voiceover artist for the same.

  • Embed audio clip of background music in PowerPoint slide which you can trim, fade in/out, and even loop if so needed.

  • Use exciting transitions and animations of which PowerPoint has plenty. Use them imaginatively to make a classy video.

  • You are the sole judge to decide the length of the video. You can increase or decrease the duration of the video as necessary. Once you make the video, there is no fear of time overrun.

  • Since in a video the visual on display at any point in time can be quickly made to change, it matters less if you include different patterns of slides, though too much of difference may make the video distracting.

  • A video is a single entity unlike the PowerPoint animation slide-show. It merges all the external components like images, audio, video, and comes as a single file. Also it can be easily embedded in any webpage, and even uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube.

  • Let loose your creative juice to make outstanding PowerPoint video rather than making simple, monotonous presentations. Remember, the quality of a presentation depends on the presenter, while a PowerPoint video may excel because of the talent of the video maker. In case of the latter, the role of the presenter, or the narrator/speaker, can be made secondary to the quality of the video itself.


How To Convert PowerPoint Presentation To Web Video

The job of conversion to web video is now easy with PowerPoint 2010. Take a look at the following image.


PowerPoint presentation to web video

Converting presentation in PowerPoint 2010 to web video is now easy!


From the File menu at the top, select Share > Create a Video. Proceed to choose a suitable size for your end video, which is usually in 4:3 aspect ratio. The output video comes in WMV format.

A detailed step-by-step approach is described in an earlier article to convert PowerPoint to YouTube. In the following image you can see that YouTube accepts a video in WMV format in addition to 5 other formats.


Upload PowerPoint presentation to YouTube in WMV format



Breaking from the mold is a challenge. If you are a frequent PowerPoint presenter, you’ll find that using a PowerPoint video is a big help. The audience will like the video even as you have the liberty to stop it at any point and elaborate the topic if necessary.

As a part of your business you can include a series of your PowerPoint presentations turned web videos in your website, and ask your audience to refer to them in case of need. This way you can help flourish your website as well.

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