How To Embed Audio Clip In PowerPoint 2010

Create Amazing Clip Art Animation Video In PowerPoint [Kindle Edition]There are quite a few changes in PowerPoint 2010 from its earlier 2007 version. The changes are for better because they can bring in a whiff of fresh air (transitions between slides, for example) in the otherwise mundane presentations.

Some changes are clearly helpful as they improve the already available techniques for inserting external media files in a PowerPoint presentation.

In this article the focus will be on how the editing of an external audio clip has changed from PowerPoint 2007 to the 2010 edition. You may also like to know how to embed podcast player in WordPress blog completely free.

When I wrote the article on PowerPoint to video composing several photographs together, I used both PowerPoint 2007 and the beta version of soon-to-come PowerPoint 2010.

The following image is that of embedding the audio clip in PowerPoint 2007. The options on the ribbon are not many though more changes can be made by changing the effect options of the clip in the animation pane on the right.



embedded audio clip in PowerPoint 2007

Editing embedded audio in PowerPoint 2007

Now let’s take a look at what PowerPoint 2010 offers for editing an embedded audio clip. In the following image you can see there are more options available on the ribbon for the audio clip.

Embedded audio clip in PowerPoint 2010

Editing embedded audio in PowerPoint 2010

The demonstrative video at the top explains the difference between editing an embedded audio clip in PowerPoint 2007 and that in PowerPoint 2010. If you’re a regular user of PowerPoint there is a greater chance that you’ll prefer the 2010 version at least for the ease of use in embedding audio clips.

In case you want to embed a series of audio clips or podcasts together in your webpage, check out my article on mp3 playlist creator. The entire code to do that comes for free use.



March 30, 2011
Many readers want to know how to transfer an embedded audio in PowerPoint on the web. I’ve just written a video article that explains how this can be done easily. Read it here.

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  • Robert K

    You talk about embedding an audio file into PPT 2010, but as best as I can determine, you can only link to an audio file, not embed it. This allows more flexibility with file types, but causes a problem when trying to email a presentation with audio by attaching a single file. I’ve found no way to do this.

    If you know how to email a single file that contains a presentation with audio, please let me know.

    • partha

      You’re right Robert. A PPT presentation with embedded audio clip will necessarily need 2 files – the PPT file and the audio file.

      My post is a bit misleading, I agree. However, being a web video maker, my point in this article was to emphasize use of embedded audio clip to make a PowerPoint video.

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake.


      • Susan

        But, if you can’t embed an audio clip, that must be why the audio gets lost completely when I went to save my PPT as a video. Is there any way to create a video file without losing the audio?

        • Susan

          Nevermind. It seems to be working now.

  • robotang

    Have anyone seen this problem I have here?
    Powerpoint 2010 professional plus
    trying out the new audio embedding functions and found out that only .wav can play and not .mp3

    Really appreciate any advice

    • partha


      There isn’t a problem with my PowerPoint 2010, though admittedly it’s not professional plus. May I suggest that you take up the issue with Microsoft directly!


  • Kt

    I’ve had the same problem. You can embed (rather than link) audio and video by a convoluted process which includes increasing the maximum sound file limit from 100kb to 50MB. I can’t see how to do this on PPT2010 so I took my presentation (and all associated sound/video files) to another computer with an earlier version of PPT and increased the max sound file size and reinserted all files. (Ensure audio is .wav and video is wmv)

    If anyone can tell me how to increase the max sound file size on PPT 2010, I’d be very grateful. The Audio Options button which appears in this presentation does not appear on my screen.

  • Kt

    On further research, I’ve found that I apparently needn’t have done all of the above. According to any file of any size can be embedded in PPT2010. If this is the case, I can’t work out why my audio and video didn’t work when I took my presentation to another computer with an earlier version of PPT.


  • kamelia

    I have the same issue, there is no way to embed a audio file and email it. the link, embedding is lost.
    I changed my audio from mp3 to wmv , didnt work.
    I tried to increase the Max size specifies in documentation, there is NO tab or place to do this in 2010.
    Any solutions? this is really sad technology for PowerPoint.
    I would really appreciate you help!

    • partha


      Sorry for replying late. I was in fact thinking to write an article on how to transfer embedded audio in PowerPoint easily on the web. I’ve just done that. Check out the Update above.

  • Tibor

    I’m trying to insert an audio file in my Power Point Presentation (embedding it), but when I insert a file (like MP3) the speaker icon appears in the first slide, but the small toolbar underneath the icon never comes up like in your video. Do I have to add a check mark somewhere in the option menu to activate this option? I have tried different file types to insert, including the ones that came with the office from the “Clip Art Organizer”, but I still can’t get a toolbar underneath the speaker icon. Looks like I’m missing something, it’s not activated or my version doesn’t have this option or something. I believe this is a vital part to the procedure to properly embedding a file. Also, on the top toolbar area the editing options are all faded out, not selectable. My file is always a linked file, never embedded and I can’t edit the file at all. Any help would be appreciated.
    My version of the Power Point came with the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus
    Thank You

  • Karen Abela

    Meine ganz öffentliche internetseite im iNet. Da schreibe ich über viel Zeug die mich interessieren wenn ich mal Zeit habe. Es macht mir Freude zu bloggen, und ich würde mich freuen wenn du jetzt die Internetseite anguckst!

    • partha

      @ Karen, nicht sicher, wie es um das Thema ist oben im Zusammenhang

  • Sam

    Took a while but sorted it. Embedding as sound does not work, it will only link to the file. If you embed a sounds file as video, it will then save in the file. Strange I know.

    • Sam

      Sorry as an addition it needs to be a .wav

  • Brand

    I have had no problems embedding a video into my powerpoint presentation. However, when I upload it for review to my instructor, the video does not play. Please advise of any additional tools available for correction/improvement.

    Thanks in advance!

    • partha

      @Brand, an embedded audio or video doesn’t become part of PowerPoint contrary to common perception. This means when you send the PowerPoint presentation to someone with the embedded media file, the presentation will not show the video or audio, as the case may be.

      The solution is to convert the presentation with embedded media to a WMV video. This is easily possible in PowerPoint 2010. The video can then be sent to anyone.

      Alternatively, you can try the free iSpring PowerPoint to Flash converter, and see if this works for you.


  • Gary Collier

    I convert PowerPoint 2010 presentations with embedded audio and video to wmv’s all the time. But I constantly run into this problem: The underlying audio clips that run from beginning to end of the presentation will not keep up with the slides once it converts to wmv. (It works fine simply in PowerPoint.) Converting to wmv seems to cause the problem. The more animations and clicks per slide, the faster the audio will fall behind the timed settings on the presentation. This annoys me to no end. My work-around has been to break up the long audio file into smaller audio files and have them start at (for example) slides 1, 6, 12, 20, 28, and 35. (Here’s an example:
    I’m sure I’m doing something wrong when recording the voice-over (Audacity 3.1 @ 44100Hz stereo 24bit PCM) that causes them not to sync during wmv rendering, but I don’t know what it is. If somebody can tell me how to fix this I would sure appreciate it.

    • partha

      @Gary, yes this does happen. My guess is that PowerPoint is not able to synchronize the audio and the video when converted together.

      A workaround could be to first convert a ppt to wmv. The wmv can then be opened in a video editor like the free Windows Movie Maker (Win XP) / Windows Live Movie Maker (Vista, Win 7), and the audio brought in the audio track. After editing as necessary, produce the whole thing in a final wmv.

      Hope this helps!

  • Ron

    I am very new to PP2010 and I am having trouble embedding audio clips. I read some information from the help section, but it told me to find the “Custom Animation” from the Slide Show menu and I cannot find it anywhere. Are there different versions of PP2010?

  • Nancy

    My take from all of these comments is that it cannot be done. Very frustrating when it should be so easy.