How To Use Free Music For Your YouTube Video

For the video makers the search for background music never ends. I’m no exception to this rule which I believe is universal. And frankly I believe video makers everywhere love free, royalty-free music a lot as that saves a good chunk of the video-making budget.

Music takes great efforts to make. It costs money and has great demand. Music inspires and motivates people like no other, which is perhaps a big reason why music videos are the most popular on YouTube.

In keeping with the demand for music, many talents have come up willing to hawk their skill online. And that includes large collections of free, royalty-free music as well.

Recently, Vimeo announced the launch of online music store with over 45,000 royalty-free tracks available for use in the videos. The music is not free, and for commercial use each track costs $98 as of this writing.

To use the Vimeo’s music – as also others like the Creative Commons (Attribution only) ones from Jamendo – in your video you need to do editing in a video editor. This is a bottleneck for those who may not have the requisite knowledge to do that, though admittedly it is not difficult to learn.

For all such cases where background music is all the audio that is needed in a video, it is a good idea to try out YouTube’s giant collection of free music that you can use legally. In my last article on creating data visualization chart, I have used a catchy song from the vast free YouTube repertoire for this video. Watch the video at the bottom of this article.



Using YouTube’s Free Music

There are certain issues regarding the use of free YouTube music for your video. Let us look at some of them.

  1. First and foremost, you need to have the video already uploaded to YouTube in which you want the free audio to play. This presupposes that you have a YouTube account, and you know how to create and upload videos to your YouTube account.
  2. The music you choose to use from YouTube’s selection completely replaces the existing audio in your video. So it is wise to go for this option when you either don’t have a background audio in the video (as in my video at the bottom), or it won’t matter much if the present audio is replaced.
  3. YouTube may display adverts on the video, and for YouTube partners like ours, such videos will not be eligible for revenue sharing.
  4. You will be able to select music based on genre, artist and track. Also – and this is really helpful – you can select song/music that matches with the length of your video.


Steps To Do

Using free YouTube music is fairly easy. The 2 images below describe how to go about.

If you haven’t logged in to your YouTube account, do it now. And then open the video in which you want to use the free YouTube music.

When you open the selected video, notice the tab ‘AudioSwap’ above the video (see image below). Click on it.

The AudipSwap page opens. In here you have 4 options to choose your music. Among these is the checkbox, which if selected, shows you only those that match the length of your video (see image below).

You can preview your selection by playing the video on right pane. If it is okay, click the Publish button to publish the video. YouTube takes some time to complete the merging before the video is ready in the new avatar.

Following is the video I made with the free song taken from YouTube.

The image at the top is courtesy photosteve101 at flickr, and this site.

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    Hey, you can also use my creative commons music, free and royalty free : )

    All the best with your videos!