How To Use The Free PowerPoint Viewer To Build E-Learning Course

Online teachers, who feel deterred by the challenge of ever-emerging technology, may look at the free PowerPoint viewer to build up their online teaching course with e-learning videos.

This will solve 3 major bottlenecks for imparting training online:

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  • For the teacher, making PowerPoint presentations will be easy since (I guess) many of them are rather well conversant with the software.
  • The teacher may send the PPT presentation to the student by simply attaching it with the email.
  • For the student, even if she doesn’t have the software available in her computer, she can still watch the presentation as an elearning video easily by installing PowerPoint 2010 Viewer free of cost.


Download the free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft site (link given below)


How Important Is The Need For E-Learning Videos?

There is a broad consensus that the pace of e-learning will phenomenally grow in the coming years. In a research sometime back, the Sloan Consortium found that the 21%growth rate for online enrollments far exceeds the 2% growth in the overall higher education student population.

It also found that three-quarters of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased the demand for online courses and programs.

In this backdrop, and judging from YouTube’s growing popularity and its decision to start the teachers’s Channel, it becomes obvious that video is the most preferred mode of online e-learning.


But PowerPoint isn’t video, is it?

Yes, it is. With the aid of proper tools it is indeed possible to convert PowerPoint presentation into a web video.

At 2WebVideo we routinely do that to make our e-learning videos. We also offer e-learning course on how to make training videos in different ways. A module in that is about making PowerPoint video.

When a PowerPoint presentation is made, and if the slides are made to transit automatically at pre-determined time, the resultant experience of watching it on the free PowerPoint Viewer is as good as watching any other video.

More importantly, the presentation shows the exact animations designed, and it also plays the embedded objects like an audio, provided it is in the same folder as the presentation.

That means the PowerPoint presentation can indeed play the voice of the teacher who explains the different slides as they appear one after another. The only hiccup here is that the voice of the teacher and the progress of the presentation have to be perfectly matching with one another.


PowerPoint Presentation As Gmail Attachment

Sending PowerPoint presentation as a Gmail attachment is the easiest way to connect students with training material.

When the students open their Gmail account, they can view the presentations online without downloading it on their computers. This is possible courtesy the free Google Presentations application which is a part of Google Docs.

However, Google Presentations can play the erstwhile PPT file and not the latest PPTX file, and that means that the exciting transitions and animations of PowerPoint 2010/2007 cannot be played properly by Google Docs. This is explained in the video below.

One solution to the above can be making the entire presentation online in Google Docs, and not depend on PowerPoint at all. But that is a separate topic.



Using Free PowerPoint Viewer

The free PowerPoint Viewer is the ideal solution to exhibit the PowerPoint training materials for e-learning videos, and watch them without any hitch. The PowerPoint Viewer plays all kinds of PPT files including PPTX while retaining all the transitions and animations.

What’s more, even the embedded media files in the PowerPoint presentation such as an audio can be enjoyed in PowerPoint Viewer. The following video explains the ways to go about.

It is important to remember that the embedded media files do not become ‘inseparable’ parts of PowerPoint presentation. This means all the external files associated with the presentation must be sent along with the presentation in a zip file or separately as email attachment.

This ensures that when the presentation is played on PowerPoint Viewer, the media files also play wherever they occur as the presentation progresses.

In other words, whenever there is an embedded media file, it must be available in the same folder as the presentation for the latter to play properly.

There is however another way out to transfer embedded media files like an audio in PowerPoint presentation unscathed over the net.




An e-learning video course is complete when it solves the following 3 criteria at the least:

  • Creating the course
  • Devising a payment acceptance system
  • Delivering the course

The level of automation in the above 3 will determine (1) how you can manage your e-learning course without hiccups, and (2) how the students find it convenient to learn from your course.

Out of the 3, even if you manually attend to the second and third criteria, you can still make a good e-learning video course made in PowerPoint.

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