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Free is often an inappropriate parameter to judge the value of an object. It’s a misnomer in that sense. We put no value on the nature’s resources even though we cannot survive without them. At the same time we desire pleasures we can do without for which we pay fortunes.

The dichotomy in human behavior is what baffles the most, and therefore what is invaluable to some has no value for others. Where else do you experience it more than the web!

So much of what we come across on the net everyday are not worth a second look. But there always are a few gems in the heap that retain their value for a long, long time after they appear first.

We have collected some of these gems here. They are here primarily to help us refer to them time and again whenever we need to. Just as well that these gems help our readers too.

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While here, take a look at some articles written way back when we started. Much of them still matter even though we’ve moved a lot on web video in the past years.

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  2. Trends of video marketing
  3. Creating flawless podcast – some points to remember
  4. Steps to hire voice-over artistes for podcast
  5. PowerPoint to video can make presentations better
  6. Video conversion – why & how
  7. Video editing is an art
  8. The other web videos – do you need them?