Google TV – An Indian Perspective

From the web to TV, Google’s transformation is pretty fast, and has indeed caught many of us napping. As it normally happens, Google TV may not be available in India soon, but then who knows!

One thing though is for sure. As and when Google TV debuts in India, we may brace up for troubles at home fueled by it. Wonder why?

Consider this. In India watching TV is a big favorite to pass time. People do not love games much, and the apathy is more pronounced because there hardly occurs any big sporting event that people spend money to watch. The only exception is that scam-ridden, multi-format, silly game of 13 men, called cricket.

If not games, what about art shows, exhibitions, et al? No luck there. Big cities do have some of those but they all occur ‘downtown’. You’ll be lucky if there is something in your neighborhood that deserves your attention.

How then do people spend time? There are 3 ways. There are some who travel and travel. The unlucky ones commute 4-5 hours on an average daily in public transport; the lucky ones do the same but in the comfort of their a/c cars.



A second group of people – mostly the youngsters, the DINKs (double-income-no-kid), and the DIOKs (double-income-one-kid) – does simple things like loitering and window-gazing in the malls, filling in with calorie-rich snacks in food courts, or better still, just laughing at each other and watching the latest fashion trends on display, secretly hoping they could be them!

So far it’s okay. But the third way of spending time has every potential to turn ugly. Indians love watching TV and the stereotype have it that the male viewers only watch cricket while the fair sex cannot live without the serial programs that never end. To this admixture there is already an addition – the reality shows. Thus far, things have more or less held out well barring minor aberrations.

Google TV, as the announcement says, will be a different beast altogether. It promises to bring all the razzmatazz of webtainment on to the TV, presenting a motley mixture of all things possible. News has it that Google is in the process of transcoding millions of videos on YouTube to show in VP8 video format, and had reps from browsers Mozilla and Opera on hand to announce their support.

Seems Google TV will be a reality in India sooner than later. When that happens, pray what happens in an Indian household? I’m too scared to predict the fallout. But a fallout it will be, and perhaps none the good as I see it.

Meanwhile, have a look at what Google says about Google TV in the video below:




If you’re a maker of online video and upload video tutorials like the ones in this blog to YouTube, there may be a bonanza awaiting. Google professes its love for videos as the next wave of content creation, and with YouTube being readied for Google TV, one can be reasonably certain of increasing viewings of YouTube videos.

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  • Thomas Davidson

    Google TV is awesome. You will love it one it’s released in your country.