How To Insert & Animate Clip Art In PowerPoint 2010 Video

In keeping with the many advances in web video technology, PowerPoint 2010 too has incorporated some new features that can make excellent video.

One of the things that I find great with PowerPoint is the ability to animate clip art, livening up a dour PowerPoint presentation. Animating clip art is not new in PowerPoint’s latest edition; it has been there before.

What however renders a touch of class to the whole thing is the use of stunning new transitions and animations now available in PowerPoint 2010. Even otherwise (that is, without clip art) you can make attractive animations in PowerPoint like the couple of videos I made sometime back.

The video below is an example of animating clip art in PowerPoint 2010. It is completely made in PowerPoint and then converted to video in MP4 flash format before uploading to YouTube.

Before I come to the video, let me very briefly touch upon how to insert and animate clip art in PowerPoint.


Inserting Clip Art In PowerPoint

Take a look at the following image that explains inserting of clip art in PowerPoint 2010.

Inserting Clip Art In PowerPoint 2010

How to insert clip art in PowerPoint 2010



When you click on Insert and then Clip Art at the top ribbon, the Clip Art pane opens to the right (indicated by red dotted boundary). In there, type the term you want the clip arts for in the search box, and select the media file type from the dropdown option immediately beneath.

I searched for ‘hammock’ and received a lot of results. Out of these I have selected one of the two shown here.

In the main PowerPoint work area in the middle (indicated by blue dotted boundary) you can see a total of 9 clip arts, all of which I have used for animating as you will see in the video below.

If you want to explore more clip arts, simply click on the link, Find more at, at the bottom of the Clip Art pane (indicated by a green arrow).

When you select clip arts, ensure that they are in the Windows graphics file format, WMF or Windows Metafile. Many clip arts are done in WMF, a vector format, and so usually resizable.


Animating Clip Art In PowerPoint

After a clip art is dragged on to the PowerPoint work area from the clip art pane, pull the handlers in different directions to see how the image shapes up and how indeed you want the image to show up in your presentation.

Once you have decided the size and location of the image in the presentation slide do the following steps:

Animating Clip Art In PowerPoint 2010

How to animate clip art in PowerPoint 2010


  1. Right click on the clip art, and select Group, and then Ungroup. This is indicated by red arrow in the image above.

  3. Repeat the first step once more. This means you are doing this action 2 times.

  5. The blue arrow in the above image shows what the image will look like after you have ungrouped the clip art twice. The several handlers indicate the many components that make up the whole clip art.

  7. The next action will be to selectively choose the various components and animate them individually or collectively.


Of course the attractiveness of animated clip art will likely be lost if you just include it in a presentation only. The real thrill is when you convert the PowerPoint to video.

The entire sequence of the animation of clip art in PowerPoint is explained in the course on making training video. Do enroll if you want to learn many other tips and tricks to make your own web video.

[The music in the above video is titled, Monkoto, courtesy Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.Com.]

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