Multiple PowerPoint Animation – Fly, Float, Grow, Fade

Create Amazing Clip Art Animation Video In PowerPoint [Kindle Edition]If you love doing PowerPoint animation you’ll marvel at the varied options you have at your command. Many people use PowerPoint to create simple slideshows for presentation. Fortunately the world of PowerPoint is much bigger than just slideshows and presentations. Perhaps there is no end to what all you can do with PowerPoint with only animations.

At 2WebVideo we rely heavily on PowerPoint animations because in most cases they form a part of a larger web video for our clients…which is why in our parlance a PowerPoint presentation is rather a ‘PowerPoint to video‘.

What makes the whole thing invigorating is that making animation in PowerPoint is both funny and thrilling. Testing the animation of individual component or all the slides is just a click away. It is also easy to edit the animations and then test the corrections immediately.

There is no limit to the works of creativity with PowerPoint animation. I remember having seen an excellent PowerPoint video of animated lines which even Microsoft admitted having never thought being possible to make. That video prompted us to try out a similar PowerPoint animation video titled, the story of lines.

In this video article we’re doing PowerPoint animation that shows 2 elements – the text 2WebVideo, and a colored rectangle – appearing separately. They are then animated together before disappearing separately again.

The video tutorial of the PowerPoint animation comes below, followed by detail steps of creating this animation.



Steps For This PowerPoint Animation

You can watch the 2 different PowerPoint animations on the left. Notice how PowerPoint is converted to flash video in reduced size, and with a replay link at the end. This is an example of the video works done at 2WebVideo.

You may like to see some other animation in PowerPoint 2010 we did in the last article.

Okay, let me now take up the example of the first text animation. If you notice closely you’ll see that the text 2WebVideo flies in with fade-in effect to the middle of the scene. It then expands and contracts in rapid succession in 3 directions, horizontal, vertical, and both horizontal and vertical. Finally the text disappears by turning and shrinking.

I’ve used PowerPoint 2010 for this purpose. It is now available free in beta version. So hurry up and download the great software to try out your own little tricks.

The steps for the PowerPoint animation are as under:

  1. Start on a blank screen. Add any background if necessary. You can use your own image or one of the samples given in PowerPoint 2010 for the background.

  3. Write the text 2WebVideo or anything you like on the canvas. Keeping the text selected, click on Animations > Fly In as the entrance effect. Click on Effect Options to select the fly-in From Top. The Duration for this animation is 0.50 seconds with no Delay, and starting With Previous.

  5. Repeat the step at (2), but this time add Fade as entrance effect for similar Duration and starting With Previous. This ensures that the text flies in as it fades in too.

  7. Let me now add Grow/Shrink as the third animation to the text. In the Effect Options dropdown, select Horizontal for Direction and Larger for Amount. This animation will start After Previous and have just 0.25 seconds as Duration and no Delay.

  9. Sticking to the same animation as in step (4), go to where it is in the Animation Pane to the right, and then click on the dropdown arrow. Select Effect Options from this dropdown. In the dialog box that now opens, under the Effect tab, notice that in the Settings section the size is preselected as 150% Horizontal. Keep it the same, and select the Auto-reverse option.

  11. Now click the Timing tab in the same dialog box, and in the Repeat dropdown, select the figure 3. What this means is that the text will grow 150% horizontally and then immediately shrink to the normal size because you’ve selected the Auto-reverse option. This animation will repeat 2 times more because you have the Repeat figure as 3.

  13. The fourth animation to add is exactly same as the third animation described in steps 4, 5, and 6, except for a small change in the effect as ‘150% Vertical’. Similar is the fifth animation, but here the effect to be selected is ‘150% Both’. The fourth and the fifth animations will respectively start After Previous.

  15. The sixth and the last animation is to make the text disappear by shrinking and turning. For this add the animation Shrink & Turn as the Exit effect. This animation is made to start With Previous but with a delay of 1.25 seconds. The Duration is 0.50 seconds.

If you have followed the steps above there is no reason why you cannot make the same animation with the additional rectangular component in the second PowerPoint animation video. All the best.