Using Trim Video In PowerPoint 2010 For Classy Video Editing

In an earlier article on embedding online video from YouTube to PowerPoint, we have briefly seen that it is possible to trim video in PowerPoint 2010 after it is embedded from an external source.

The trim video function has opened up many possibilities for video editing in PowerPoint 2010. This can enrich viewer experience by making a dull PowerPoint presentation lively and more enjoyable.

In one such possibility let me explain how the same video can be interrupted with the insertion of a slide before it continues again. The inserted slide can have anything on it – text, image, video, animation, and so on. The following video shows how to do that with the help of trim video facility in PowerPoint 2010.




Steps To Insert Slide Using PowerPoint 2010 Trim Video

Using trim video in PowerPoint 2010 is indeed a lot of help. One can think of many improvisations that can magically transform PowerPoint presentations.

The steps followed in the above video are explained as under:

In the image below, I already have a video opened in the main work area in PowerPoint 2010. A control bar that plays/stops/pauses the video automatically accompanies the video. Clicking Video Tools > Playback on the top menu brings the video editing functions on the ribbon. On the left is Trim Video, indicated by a red boundary line.

Trim Video in PowerPoint 2010

Trim Video tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint 2010


The trim video dialog box opens where you can adjust the start and the end points of the video (see image below). As the green and the red sliders are moved the video image in the box above changes accordingly. This makes it easy to fix the start and end times. In the example below, the start and the end times are respectively at 4.9 seconds and 35.013 seconds. The length of the video after trimming is 30.112 seconds indicated at the top of the dialog box.

Trim Video Dialog Box

Adjusting in Trim Video dialog box


In the first slide of the PowerPoint presentation I’ve trimmed the video from the beginning to 10.989 seconds. The length of the video is 10.989 seconds. The first slide is made to advance after zero second.


In the second slide I create a simple text animation, which is a teaser that asks you to await the remaining portion of the video. The second slide too advances zero second after the animation is played.


Now comes the third slide which has the same video as in the first slide. This time I place the start slider at 38.544 seconds while the end slider is at the end of the video at 54.032 seconds. The length of the video is thus 15.488 seconds. This means I’ve omitted the video from 10.989 seconds to 38.544 seconds.


Both the videos in slides one and three are selected to start automatically, play full screen, and hide while not playing.



As you can see, trimming video in PowerPoint 2010 is really not difficult. What is however important is how to put it to use in such a way that the viewers like your PowerPoint to video.

I’m eager to hear your comments, inputs, and how you are using or plan to use the trim video function in PowerPoint 2010. Use the comment box below.

  • Chester Tugwell

    This has enabled me to use the same video file on several slides within the same presentation each time the video being trimmed to show a particular theme which is then discussed or explored on other slides. I really like the bookmark functionality in PP2010 as you can easily add animated captions to the video playback.