Integrating Video Into Websites To Improve Conversion Rates

Step-By-Step Guide To Start E-Learning Website In WordPress With Free ToolsThis is a guest article by Neil Davidson, the Founder of My Web Presenters, who are a leading Web Video Production specialist. My Web Presenters work with businesses of all sizes to create and market compelling and emotive video that helps them to communicate with their specific audience.

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Conversion rate refers to the percentage of your visitors who end up reaching a given goal on your site. The goal may not be an immediate sale but customers arriving at your website should at least be tempted to sign up for something like a webinar, newsletter, or down-loadable PDF.

Make your conversion rate your number-one priority for these three reasons:

  1. There’s lot of room for improvement. Most websites lose a huge amount of money every day because they do an atrocious job of selling products or services to their visitors.
  2. Paid search will keep getting more competitive. And increasing your bids is not the answer.
  3. Split testing software is now highly affordable (free if you use Google Optimiser). Split testing software allows you to A/B test (test 2 versions of the same page) changes to your website – and tells you which version of a page brought in the most conversions (conversions can be sales, clicks through to a key page, downloads etc). Use split testing software to test pages with/without video or a page with an image vs. a page with a video.

Introducing video to your website is a key way to boost your conversion rate.

Check out these impressive statistics from My Web Presenters about the work they have done for their clients using video presenters:

  • Virgin Holidays saw a year on year 30% uplift in seat upgrades that translated to £3m revenue.
  • After switching to video, a credit card company got a 10% increase on credit card take up for a corporate card.
  • National IT Learning Centre doubled their online sales conversions.
  • A hotel group had a 170% increase in room upgrades.

A video, or video spokesperson can be used to clearly demonstrate to your customers what you sell and what kind of service you provide. There are many different types of video that can be integrated into the different pages of your site.


Homepage Videos

Homepage videos are your chance to introduce your company to your customers and they must emphasise your company’s unique selling points.

  • Your video, or video spokesperson, should start by naming the most important reason why a visitor would come to your site. E.g. We sell genuine leather goods at affordable prices.
  • Credibility: Next you should state your credibility. How long have you been in the business?
  • Benefits: This means stating things like the price you charge, the good service that you provide. Think about your customers’ fears.
  • Also make sure that the tone of your video reflects the nature of your site.
  • Your video must be content rich and get rid off any superfluous words. Use compelling words that will spur the viewer into action, and make sure that you talk about your company in the present tense.
  • In general, do whatever you can to propel your viewer into some sort of action by the end of the video. This may not be an immediate sale, or even a lead at this stage, but at least they should be tempted to sign up for something like a webinar, newsletter, or down-loadable PDF.
  • Think about the different types of video form that you could use. Would a box video suit your message best or would you prefer to have video spokesperson pointing out the different elements on your site?

Video spokesperson

A video spokesperson works best on a homepage welcoming visitors. Here’s an example from My Web Presenters of a video spokesperson promoting Your Body Active:

A video spokesperson is the best way to engage directly with each individual customer on a personal level. An interactive video spokesperson can clearly point out the different features of your site to new customers – like the effective call-to -action at the end of the above video. The presenter helpfully points to the place on the site where you can click for your free no-obligation trial.

Ensure that your Call-to-Action button that accompanies your video is nice and visible. Large, brightly coloured buttons often convert better—they seem to draw the viewer’s attention. Also try experimenting with different offers. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A one-month free trial
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Pay by installments
  • Longer/shorter commitment
  • Buy now, pay later
  • First one free
  • Automatic renewal

In general, do whatever you can to get the product into the customer’s hands. If you’re so confident in your product, prove it by taking some of the risk.

Customer Testimonial videos

Once a customer has an overall idea about your company from a homepage video, it is useful to boost their interest in your company through customer testimonial videos on other pages of your site.

Customer testimonials are a great way to reinforce existing relationships through a two way process: both by your business recognizing and appreciating its best customers, and by the customers themselves going through the process of clarifying and expressing what it is that they specifically love about your company.

Check out this excellent example of a customer testimonial video for Delcam, a CADCAM software solution company.

This video consists of short clips of Delcam customers from across many different industries in the UK and US, highlighting why they chose Delcam solutions. The customers are all filmed in their working environment and the professional tone of the video validates Delcam’s reputation as a leading company within the CADCAM software industry.

Testimonials from happy customers will do wonders for conversions rates!

Product Reviews

Product reviews (particularly ones that are third party produced) help to build overall trust in your company.

Just to give you an idea, here is an example of a video product review produced by Silicon Republic of the Motorola Xoom 2:

Identify best-selling products and create product review videos for them. Put your product review videos in a prime location on the page: above the fold on the upper part of the page so users don’t have to scroll down to see them, preferably on the left-hand side too.

Corporate story

A corporate story video is another great way to promote your company and in the process tell your customers about the history of your company and the values and ethics behind it. These videos give potential customers an important insight into the workings of your company. You would want a customer to watch a corporate story video, such as the one below, once they already have an understanding of what your company does from a homepage video.

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this excellent corporate story below from Jubilee Organic Farms in Georgia, one of the largest independent organic farms in the world. The video helps to build trust in Jubilee Organic Farms by reassuring customers that all their milk and other dairy products is produced under the highest welfare, health and safety standards. This corporate video emphasises the fact that despite their size, there are some incredibly passionate people behind the business working hard to achieve both animal welfare as well as a great product; this then results in a fantastic business.

Brief re-cap of points covered in this article:

  • A homepage video must immediately grab a visitor’s attention by emphasising your company’s unique selling points. Often an interactive video spokesperson is the best way to do this, as they can clearly point out the different features of your website to new customers.
  • Customer Testimonial videos endorse the credibility of your company, the products that you sell and the service that you provide. Ideally, you want a customer to watch a customer testimonial after they have an understanding of your company. The same goes for product reviews.
  • Corporate story videos give an in-depth, transparent view into the nature of your company and the way that it works. They can afford to be a bit longer than a homepage video or customer testimonial but ideally shouldn’t exceed five minutes.

Hopefully this article has given you an overview of some of the different types of video that you can integrate into your website design. Use split testing software to test pages with/without video, or a page with an image vs. a page with a video.

It’s time to experiment with video and watch your conversion rates soar…